Patient Care for Medical Tourists – Professional Training for Hospitality Industry

Malaysia’s medical tourism is booming. Growth factors include internationally trained medical practitioners, excellent healthcare infrastructure and recuperation facilities and lower cost of medical services.

♦ 74 private medical institutions and hospitals ♦ More than one million medical tourists in 2016 ♦ Estimated revenue of RM1.15billion in 2017 ♦ Market expected to reach US$3.5 billion before the end of 2024 ♦ 2018 budget allocation or RM30million to boost Malaysia’s healthcare industry

Are you ready to welcome medical tourists?
Medical tourists offer both opportunities and challenges to the hospitality industry. Hotels and resorts, specifically, must be able to cater to their physical and emotional needs. This means careful planning and preparation in terms of infrastructure and more importantly, quality patient care. Hotels and resorts who are ready and equipped take the lead in expanding their customer base and increasing their revenue.

Hospitality professionals and business 
Hotels, resorts, wellness centres and spa guests are requesting specialized services and amenities whether they are individuals who need assistance with mobility, are disabled, are recovering from outpatient and day surgery services, or are recovering from major surgeries. Many service providers are attracting these medical travellers as a way to diversify and expand their client base and increasing revenue by offering services to guests before and after they receive health or medical treatment.

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These medical tourists require changes to customer care that are distinct from the services offered to the typical vacation or business guests. Preparing staff members is a key factor to successfully serve the needs of medical tourists. The training program is specially designed to prepare staff that are able to provide VIP customer care to guests who are receiving medical treatments and their companions.

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Is your team prepared with the skills and understanding to meet their special needs?
Medical tourists travel far from home to a foreign country to undergo medical procedures. The journey is often physically and emotionally draining. It is crucial that your employees are prepared to cater to their special needs during their stay before and after the procedures. It involves every aspect of their stay from being prepared to assist them to move around easily, being aware of their dietary requirements, providing emergency procedures to offering kind words of encouragement.



This is an interactive introductory training programme to basic patient care for medical tourists. Topics covered are carefully selected towards preparing your employees with the understanding of what is medical tourism, who are medical tourists and what do they need and expect, and to equip them with basic treatment and first aid skills.

ONE day of two sessions (3 – 31/2 hours each)

Training Fee
RM850 per person (min of 10 per group)

In-house facilities

HRDF Claimable.


  • Introduction to medical tourism – in generals
  • Essential skills for working with medical tourists with exacting demands – pre- and post-operations
  • Understanding cultural norms
  • Staff behaviour and communication skills
  • Emergency procedures and first aid
  • Assistance for medical tourists with mobility challenges e.g. wheelchair assistance
  • Proper handling of biohazard materials and disposal
  • Care for medical tourists’ companions
  • Practical medical tourists handling – Sister Kay
  • Sharing session with Sister Kay – experience, opportunities and challenges





At the end of the training program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the concepts of medical tourism
  • Anticipate pre- and post-operative preparation including emotional and physical reactions to patients and their companions
  • Provide beginning-to-end assistance for patients with special needs or requirements
  • Deliver world class and professional customer care to patients and their companions
  • Equipped with basic medical skills such as performing CPR or give first aid
  • Response and act promptly during emergencies
  • Properly handle bio hazardous materials

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