Training Programme

Patient Care for Medical Tourists – Training for Hospitality Industry

  Patient Care for Medical Tourists – Training for Hospitality Employees This is an interactive introductory training programme to basic patient care for medical tourists. Topics covered are carefully selected towards preparing your employees with the understanding of what is medical tourism, who are medical tourists and what do they need and expect, and to equip them with basic treatment […]

Patient Navigator Programme for the Travel Industry

Travel agents have been hard hit by consumers booking travel and other services directly rather than accessing the expertise of travel consultants. This business trend requires travel agencies to explore options for business diversification. The rise of the phenomena known as ‘medical tourism’ presents opportunities for business expansion as does the growing number of travellers with disabilities, older individuals and […]

Patient Care Management Programme (PCMP)

Facilitators and patient care coordinators strive to provide a high quality patient experience from the beginning to end of his or her journey. Even the simplest dental or medical procedure requires a complex mixture of customer service, an understanding of healthcare systems, risk management and business acumen. This training program, based on research, experience and best international business practices, builds […]