Dame Ramziah Ahmad

Dame Hjh. Ramziah Hj. Ahmad

Principal Trainer & Consultant
President of the Commonwealth Nurses and Midwives Federation

Dame Hjh Ramziah Hj Ahmad is a master of multi-tasking and is no stranger to holding multiple posts throughout her career. She is currently the President of the Commonwealth Nurses and Midwives Federation. She was the Dean of Nursing Faculty, Allianze University College of Medical Sciences, Penang and Dean of Faculty of the Universal Science Color CVT Sdn Bhd.

She is the ex-President of Malaysian Nurses Association, a post she held from 2006- March 2014. She was the first Malaysian nurse to be accepted as a board member of the Commonwealth Nurses and Midwives Federation, Asian region – a first in 26 years – and has held the international position since 2009. She is an international speaker, having been invited to speak in many continents on various nursing issues, and she has participated in two international debates.

Dame Ramziah is the first Malaysian woman to be awarded the title 'Dame', an international recognition which is the equivalent to the title of 'Sir'. She sits on the board of directors for CVT Sdn Bhd and is a board member of Oxford Fajar Sdn Bhd. A past board member of the Malaysia Nursing Board, she was also the President of Hydrotherapy Ice Malaysia.

A committee member for the Malaysian Nursing Foundation, she served in the Ministry of Health (MOH) for an admirable 35 years, with the last position as Matron at Institut Pengurusan Kesihatan, MOH until 31 May 2010. During that time, she was a trainer, national researcher and Ward Management Consultant. The Ministry of Health awarded her Best Nurse Researcher and the Excellent Service Award three times, and she won the Best Impromptu Speaker from the Public Speaking Academy. She has also received numerous national and international awards.

She is a UK Certified Professional Trainer and trained at the Human Resources Management of United Kingdom. She has also trained under a WHO consultant with 8 hospitals for Hospital Management in Adelaide, Australia.

Dame Ramziah obtained both her Advanced Nursing Administration and Bachelor in Nursing Sciences (Hon.) from University Malaya. She keeps herself updated by regularly attending many short courses nationally and internationally. She has also received an Active Member Award from the U.S. Health Care System.

Dame Ramziah is the founder, principal trainer, international speaker and consultant of formerly known as De Ram Training & Consultancy. Now she is rebranding to the new name Dame La Rich Training & Consultancy. She does training on scores of topic related to soft skills set in the areas of leadership, management, public speaking, motivation, women and health.  Issues. On 27 October 2015 and 10 March 2016, she was the guest of Queen Elizabeth at St James Palace London.

In the last one year, she is involved in the training of single mothers, jobless graduates and youth, including non-academic people. She is an Exco member of Persatuan SLDN affiliated to Jabatan Kemahiran Malaysia. Her latest appointment is as the committee member of the welfare and charity committee of Malaysian Nurses Association 92016-2018).