Dr Maryati Maharon

Dr Maryati Maharon
Medical Advisor

Dr Maryati Maharon is a well-trained medical aesthetics practitioner with a strong passion for beauty and anti-aging.
She has received training from multiple international physicians ranging from dermatologists to plastic surgeons, and her injection skills have been recognized among her peers.

Dr Marr focuses on non-invasive natural looking beauty and has created a few lunchtime no downtime procedures in her clinic to cater to the working individual needs. She is well experienced with treating tourists and expatriates living in Kuala Lumpur, being surrounded by 5 major shopping malls in the Golden Triangle. Her other focus of interest includes PRP rejuvenation, male face aesthetics and advanced filler works. Currently, she is also into anti-aging work-up, diagnosing and treatments, and stem cells innovation.

Dr Marr is also active in the social world being involved in medical and non-medical NGOs contributing as much as she can to society.

She is also known in the fashion world, being in one of the most chic places in Kuala Lumpur i.e. Starhill and occasionally you can catch our doctor dolled-up and posed in high fashion magazines. Being one of the earlier aesthetic physicians in the country, she is often sought for advice on beauty and procedures and you can find some interviews with her in a few health, beauty or cosmetic magazines.