Patient care manager is important in Medical Tourism

Patient care manager can help ensure medical tourist will have a wonderful medical journey.

Malaysia, like any popular medical tourism destinations, is facing growing competition from lesser known medical destinations.

While past policies and programs have been good enough to bring in patients from abroad in good times when choices were fewer and patients were less informed, today it brings us into a new era in medical tourism.

Nowadays patients are looking for a happy, high quality, stress-free medical vacation with a great outcome. Hence the birth of Medical Concierge and Patient Care Manager.

What is Medical concierge

A Medical concierge is someone who may function as a personal assistant, providing services from airport pickup to family liaison and shopping assistance.

“Medical” refers only to the function of ensuring the patient gets to all medical appointments on time, and visiting a patient in the hospital. He does not have medical training or experience.


What is Patient care manager

The patient care manager is a professionally trained person to support and help you manage your medical and surgical care away from home. The patient care manager speaks the local language and has access to a network of local medical support services that you may need.

She is your advocate, your agent and your partner and takes responsibility for your care at the medical destination.

She helps you plan your procedures, coordinates with the medical team to ensure that all hospital and surgical requirements are satisfied, facilitates all consultations, communication, provides support and reassurance to you, your family and friends, and manages all your post-surgery recovery needs and services.

Having a patient care manager working for you gives you immeasurable confidence, support, and reassurance at a time when you need to put all your energies and thoughts toward preparing for your procedures and having a stress-free recovery.

Medical concierge and Patient care manager offer a comprehensive service to ensure a smooth stress free patient experience. When properly trained Medical concierge and Patient care manager can be valuable to any medical providers.

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